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La Costeña


La Costeña is the brand leader in canned goods in Mexico. The company used the same identity and package design for the past 50 years. They were looking to redesign the brand in a very subtle way where the user would barely notice.


The real challenge was to make a package redesign that looked modern and fresh, yet keeping its essence and respecting the branding elements.


We realized that the most important element which needed to be modernized was the product´s product shot, therefore we worked with professional food photographers to remake all the images.


The outcomes for this project were:


-Package redesign

We started with “Jalapeño Chiles”, which is the company´s best-selling product. We modernized the logo, typography and iconic elements, which worked in perfect harmony with the new product shot. We maintained the same corporate colors for each product so the consumer could keep recognizing the product. Once this product was approved, we continued designing the whole chile family products´.


The new design had great acceptance with the consumer. The canned chili family design was the baseline for all the consecutive products of the company (the company had more than 50 products in their portfolio). By the end of 2019, all the products where designed under our new design guidelines.

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