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Tehuacán Brillante


Tehuacan Brillante is a Mexican mineral water brand, which uses Tehuacan’s name as their brand (Tehuacán in Mexico is the word that people use to identify sparkling water). The company considered this attribute as an advantage amongst their competitors but in reality we discovered that it generated confusion and lack of brand identity amongst consumers.


Additionally, the brand´s packaging was designed to mimic the leader (strategy that would identify them with the market leader and increase their sales), but the result was that consumers were confused and mistrusted the brand.


The brand was looking to redesign itself and become a more “high end” brand aiming at a more upscale market.


First, we had to understand the customers’ perceptions towards the product, in order to create a workable and long lasting new design. We conducted several interviews with consumers where we analyzed the product and understood what the brand represented for them.


All those insights provided us information to start redesigning the company´s branding.

The outcomes were:

  • Redesign of the brand´s logo and identity: we proposed a simple, refined, typographic design that emphasized the word “Tehuacán”.

  • Redesign of the sparkling water packaging: the first design had no personality, therefore, we decided to create a new, modern, simple and upscale packaging which differentiated itself from other competitors. We used blue and turquoise colors to communicate freshness and added a bubbles texture to generate a sense of volume and movement.

Corporate identity applications: we designed several applications with the company´s branding such as t-shirts, stationary and a corporate identity manual.


The redesign had a great acceptance with the consumer and the product sales increased in more than 30%.  The product was able to position itself in a new market segment and started having a real competition with the market leaders.

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